Preparation Is Key To A Successful Home Move With Children

Moving house can be a stressful experience, but if you’re moving with kids, that piles on the pressure even more. If you’re stressed, your little ones can easily get overwhelmed, too, so knowing how to minimise the hassle is crucial.

Luckily, we have some helpful advice for home movers in Isle of Wight looking for tips and tricks to simplify their move.

1. Talk To Your Kids About The Move In Advance

Your children may not understand precisely what you mean when you tell them that you’re “moving house”, so make sure you’ve taken the time to explain clearly to them what to expect on moving day. Many young children become anxious about leaving behind the comfort of their old home and find the prospect of moving into a strange, new home daunting, so preparation is vital for a successful move.

2. Visit The New House With Your Children

Take your children to see where they’ll soon be living, show them their new bedroom and explore the new area they’ll call home. This will help them feel comfortable with the coming changes.

3. Encourage Your Children To Share Their Thoughts

Explaining to your children what will happen on moving day is essential, but it’s just as vital to listen to any concerns they have. Ensure you answer their questions thoroughly and honestly and reassure them about any worries they’re experiencing.

4. Choose The Right Moving Day

Choosing the right moving day can be difficult, but if you put some thought into it, your children will have a better experience. While deciding to move during the summer holidays may seem like a good idea, it can often be easier for children to move during the term time since being at school or nursery helps to occupy their minds while allowing you to get things done without them getting under your feet!

5. Make It A Game

A top tip for moving home in Isle of Wight with your youngsters is to make the lead up to the move, and the day itself, into a fun game. This makes moving home more enjoyable for all of you and helps your children engage with the process. Let your children pack some of their belongings, label boxes or pack a special box to help your pets move too!

6. Don’t Pack Essential Items

Although packing everything correctly is vital to minimise the risk of loss or damage during a move, you must also consider your children’s needs. If there are any items they can’t manage without, such as a specific cuddly toy, leave it out of the packing boxes so they can keep it with them throughout the move for comfort.

7. Settle In Quickly

Settling your children in their new home in Isle of Wight as speedily as possible gets you all off to the best start, so making sure you know where all the familiar items that your children know and love are, is key. Getting those essential items unpacked immediately makes them feel comfortable and at home. Make sure to stick to familiar routines, too – sticking to traditional bedtimes is an excellent way to demonstrate that living somewhere new doesn’t mean everything has to change.

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