Bigger isn’t always better. If you have a smaller bedroom, you’ll probably find that it’s easier to clean, style and heat in the winter months! Plus, a smaller living space can feel much cosier than a bigger one.

But just because your bedroom is small, it doesn’t have to look small. If you want to make your small bedroom appear bigger, brighter and better, here are five top styling tips for small bedrooms that you won’t be able to resist giving a try!

  1. Hang Mirrors

Adding mirrors to your space is one of the best tricks to make a small bedroom look bigger. The reflection can easily make it look like there’s more space than there really is. Plus, adding mirrors to your bedroom can boost the amount of natural sunlight coming in. Win-win!

  1. Declutter

One of the worst things you can do for a small bedroom is to cram too much into it! A cluttered space always appears smaller than an uncluttered one. To make your bedroom look bigger, go for the minimalist look and remove anything that doesn’t serve a purpose or takes up too much space. Instead, opt for a few simple, statement pieces.

  1. Use Light Colours

It’s the worst-kept interior design secret that light colours make a room look spacious! But there’s no need to opt for white walls and bedsheets if you want to make your small bedroom look bigger. Pastel colours in shades of cream, grey, green and blue can add colour to a small bedroom and make it appear more spacious.

  1. Keep Curtains Thin

The more natural light you have in your bedroom, the bigger it will look – and that’s a fact! Plus, brighter bedrooms are a huge selling point for homes in Isle of Wight.

To maximise the amount of light you have coming into your bedroom, keep your windows clear and your curtains thin. Thicker curtains may look elegant, but they’ll block out a lot of sunlight. Instead, opt for tall, straight and thin curtains for a more spacious look. If you prefer to block out the lighter mornings, add a blackout blind which can be raised during the daytime.

  1. Add Furniture With Legs

Another great tip to make your bedroom look bigger is to invest in furniture that has legs. It’s mostly just a trick of the eye, but it works! When your bed, side tables, wardrobes, and chest of drawers are elevated, it can make a small bedroom appear taller and more open.

Staging Your Home For a Sale?

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